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Behind the Scenes

Urban Phunk Society's writing room is situated in Munich's vibrant Haidhausen district. It is only a few steps away from the legendary Bavaria Music Studios on Schornstrasse. Shops, bars, cafés, and bistros are in the neighborhood. Community meeting points in this district are the Munich Guitar Company, MJ Guitars, M2 Music 2nd Hand, and many master craftsmen shops for classical musical instruments.


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The connection to the local transport network is ideal, the distances to the Munich city center, the Isar river, and the Englischer Garten are short. Located some 50 kilometres north of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is also known for its architecture, culture, and night life.


Play Don't Hide It (One of Our Timeless Feel-Good Tunes)
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Munich Beats & Tunes

The writing room consists of a hardware setup and a production desk with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and editing software. Today, Ableton Live and Reason Studio are at the heart of the production. There is a growing sound library and a selection of high-quality pro-audio plugins. First class studio monitors, audio interfaces as well as various MIDI controllers are available for recording, editing, and mixing. And some people say that we have the best espresso in town.


Groove boxes in the studio Studio guitar Poliphonic Synthesizer

Chillout Grooves

The music of Urban Phunk Society is influenced by Balearic chillout and lounge culture, represented by essential compilations such as Brazilectro, Buddha Bar, Café del Mar, Hed Kandi, and Hôtel Costes. The ideal tune is characterized by acoustically sounding, lively beats with a tendency towards classic synthesizer and sampler sound design, supplemented by hypnotic percussion loop elements. The composition should not appear too dense and complex, but open and airy.


Play Shades of Blue (Studio Work in Progress)
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Moments in Music

Sketched melody lines result from the harmonious interplay of guitars, electric pianos, and analog synthesizers. Even though it's a cutting-edge digital audio production, there always seems to be a vinyl crackling in the background if you listen very closely.


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Music in all its manifestations and its volatility is one of the great treasures of this world. Over the years, we have been inspired and motivated by the creative work of countless artists and producers from a wide variety of genres such as Chillout, Lounge, Jazz, R'n'B, and Britpop. Too many to list here, but we'd like to say thank you for the music!


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Success Story

Urban Phunk Society's tunes are available on many music compilations from various international labels. The world-wide presence of the timeless compositions in streaming portals and internet radio playlists as well as on download platforms and Youtube channels is noticed by listeners of several generations.


Fake Content

Unfortunately, success also has its downsides. Since October 2022, the band name "Urban Phunk Society" has been misleadingly used on various music plattforms. As a result, Urban Phunk Society's original repertoire is mixed up with inferior low-end content of unknown third parties who want to capitalize on the band's popularity. We are taking action against it. Please do not be fooled: To find original music of Urban Phunk Society, start your chillout journey on www.urban-phunk.com.


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