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How About Some Artificial Intelligence Art?

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and its extraordinary abilities. Is it useful or dangerous? Who knows ... Many AI tools are only in the experimental stage. We ask ChatGPT questions and often get smart answers. Artificial intelligence composes and produces remarkable musical works. And yes, artificial intelligence creates art – paintings, drawings and all kinds of graphic work. We tried out an artificial intelligence ourselves, which visualizations it can think of on the subject of "music". Welcome to our exhibition!

What to Think about "Artificial Creativity"?

Art generated by artificial intelligence is versatile. One can only wonder if this is actually art or rather graphic design. Because what does the image generator refer to? Can it have a purpose in doing this? At the moment, the usefulness of these AI tools could be to generate ideas. Lots of ideas, because each individual picture is created within a second. At least in this respect every artist and graphic designer has to admit defeat.

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